Monday, June 29, 2009


1 kg fishes out cob, dice then shirring
5 tofus cut to become 3 then shirring
1 ltr santan viscous
6 red onions, thin mince
3 garlics, thin mince
4 chillis tingle to curl askew minces
2 mince green chillis askew
2 cm alpina galanga is contused
2 lbr greeting leafs
1 ½ sdt salts
1 sdt sand sugar

Trick makes:
Cook red onion, garlic until fragrance.
Insert red chilli, green chilli, alpina galanga,and greeting leaf, stirred up until droop.

Cob entry last, tofu, santan, salt and swirl sugar, cook until boiling, and ripe.
Readily been dished.

NB: T2 = Tempe & Tofu

Thursday, June 18, 2009


350 gr tempe, square crosscut then shirring half ripe.
8 green peppers curl to askew slice
1 pocket edition tomato slices
2 lbr greeting leafs
2 cm alpina galangas
200 ml santan rather viscous
1 sdm tastes nice

Ground condiment:
1 sdm ground red pepper
4 red onions
2 garlics
2 walnuts
¼ sdt most attention
brown sugar at sufficiently
salt at sufficiently

Trick makes:
Cook ground condiment with greeting leaf, alpina galanga, green pepper and tomato until fragrance.
Add tempe's abatamen and soya, stirred up rolled out.
santan pour to cook until condiment melts together and jelling.

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